Whipped cranberry fool with orange and cardamom

25 October 2017

Serves 6



6 cardamom pods

1 orange, juice and finely grated zest

1 fl oz additional fresh orange juice

7oz cranberries, fresh or frozen

2oz superfine granulated sugar

1 tbsp. cornflour, mixed to a smooth paste with 2 tbsp. water

10 fl oz heavy cream

2oz powdered sugar

7oz Greek yogurt

5oz flaked almonds

Optional: 2 tbsp. runny honey



1. Crack the cardamom pods open with the flat side of a knife.


2. Add them to a pan with the orange juice and zest, and slowly bring to a simmer over a medium-low heat.


3. Remove from the heat and leave to infuse for 5 minutes.


4. Strain to remove the cardamom and zest, and then return it to the pan.


5. Add the cranberries and granulated sugar to the infused orange juice and bring to a simmer.


6. Simmer over a low heat for about 6-8 minutes, until the berries are soft.


7. Add the prepared cornflour and cook for a further 2 minutes.


8. Transfer to a bowl and chill in the fridge. Only do the next step once cooled.


9. Whip the cream with the powdered sugar until stiff peaks form.


10. Fold in the Greek yoghurt then pour in the berry mixture.


11. Fold in gently with a couple of stirs of the spoon, retaining the marbled effect.


12. Spoon the mixture into glasses and chill until ready to serve.


13. Top with the flaked almonds and a drizzle of honey (if desired) then serve.



This recipe was specially created by Chef Alex Taylor.