Exceptional Cuvée

Cuvée Madame

This truly remarkable cuvée is a gift...

It started as a gift from the vinegrowers to honour Madame Rolland-Guy, owner of the estate until 1977. They used to dedicate a day's work to her, during which they would pick the most raisined grapes. The Baly family continues to uphold that tradition in order to celebrate the complexity and richness of the terroir. However, it is a gift which nature offers only in certain vintages capable of revealing such extraordinary concentration and such an array of aromas and flavours.
Made only with Semillon grapes from two of the estate's oldest parcels of vines, the Cuvée Madame produces barely a thousand bottles. Every aspect of the making of this nectar reflects its exceptional characteristics, from incredibly slow pressing to the choice of barrels in which the wine will spend three years maturing. It comes out amber in colour, with a nose offering a wide array of floral, fruity and mineral notes. Highly refined, it is just as intense on the palate, where spice and fresh and candied fruit flavours intermingle. The scintillating experience extends into the freshness on the finish, the unmistakable hallmark of the Barsac terroir.

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