Mango and lime pot with stem ginger

25 October 2015

Serves 6



6 ginger snaps

100g crème fraiche

250g thick Greek yoghurt

1 small, ripe mango, peeled and de-stoned

1 lime, juice and ½ tsp. finely grated zest

2 pieces of preserved stem ginger, finely diced

60g icing sugar

2 tbsp. Acacia honey



1. In a blender or pestle and mortar, pulverize the ginger snaps into crumbs.


2. Divide the crumbs evenly into tumblers or serving glasses of your choice.


3. Blend together the crème fraiche, Greek yoghurt, mango, lime juice and zest, stem ginger, icing sugar and honey, until smooth.


4. Taste and add more honey or sugar according to your taste.


5. Pour the mixture into the glasses and serve chilled.



This recipe was specially created by Chef Alex Yandell.